Shell Management

Create your shell

You can create a shell with selected GPUs to accelerate your project development:

snarkify shell create {shell_name}

You'll be prompted to select the type of GPU during shell creation.

Note the the shell_name is optional. If it is not provided, a default name will be assigned based on the shell ID.

Query your shell

You can use the info command to check the status of your shell and retrieve the necessary access information.

snarkify shell info {shell_id}

Access your shell

Once you have the username and hostname of your shell, you can access it using SSH.

ssh {username}@{hostname}

Replace username with the provided username and hostname with the provided hostname. This command will establish an SSH connection to your shell.

List your shells

You can use the list command to list all shells under your team.

snarkify shell list

Stop your shell

You can stop your shell using the stop command. You are not able to access to the stopped shell, but the shell data is remain intact.

snarkify shell stop {shell_id}

Start your shell

If you want to access to a stopped shell, you need to start the shell first using the start command.

snarkify shell start {shell_id}

Delete your shell

You can permanently delete a shell using the following command:

snarkify shell delete {shell_id}

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