Service Initialization

Integrate with Snarkify SDK

You can skip this section if you have already followed the steps in Integrating Snarkify SDKand verified your change locally.

Switch to your project root directly, and run the following command:

snarkify init

It is simply a shortcut for:

  1. Add snarkify-sdk cargo dependency to Cargo.toml

  2. Create a template file under /src/bin, in which you have to implement the ProofHandler with your own proof generation logic.

Create your new service

Once your code is ready, running the following command will create a new service on Snarkify platform:

snarkify service create {service_name}

The new service will automatically link to your current project directory, ensuring that all future build and deploy commands seamlessly synchronizes the changes from your working directory to the cloud.

Currently, our platform supports the creation of one service per code directory. We are actively working to enhance this feature, aiming to enable the support of multiple services from a single repository in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Query your service

You can use the snarkify service info command to check the status of your service and get the RPC endpoint (service url field) once the deployment is done. Below is an example output:

│ service id   │ 6b72fa8b01bc4d968f49658e6cf2f5f2                                                                    │
│ service name │ poseidon_test                                                                                       │
│ team name    │ test                                                                                                │
│ state        │ READY                                                                                               │
│ created      │ 2024-01-22T23:16:51                                                                                 │
│ service url  │ │
│ image tag    │ feature_a                                                                                           │

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