Proof Generation

Create a task

To generate a proof, you need to create a task. The input for this task should be in JSON format. You can provide this either as a JSON string using --json or as a path to a JSON file using --file.

In your project's root directory, execute the following command:

snarkify task create --json {input_of_your_proof}

After successfully executing this command, it will display snarkify task info {task_id}, which you can use to check the status of your task and retrieve the proof later.

Query a task

To check the status of your task and access the proof once it's successfully completed, use the snarkify task info command. Here's an example of the output:

│ service name │ poseidon_test                                                                                 │
│ task id      │ e5ec45e4682b424b9204a116ba009fc9                                                              │
│ state        │ SUCCESS                                                                                       │
│ result url   │ │

For more detailed information about the task, including the proof in the result field, use the -d flag.

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