Snarkify Cloud is a cloud-based Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform specifically designed for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) developers. This service enables one-click deployment of ZK applications in the cloud so that developers can focus solely on their application logic, with all infrastructure and maintenance work taken care of by Snarkify team. The service will also leverage GPU acceleration technology to reduce latency and cut down operational costs of proof generation. Upon deployment, users are provided unique RESTful API endpoints to access their functions, and are charged based on usage.

What is the Problem

Developing and deploying Zero-Knowledge Proof applications presents several challenges:

  1. Infrastructure Management: Managing servers, runtime setup, service maintenance, and handling scalability can be complex and time-consuming, distracting developers from focusing on the core application logic.

  2. Deployment: Deploying ZKP applications in a scalable and efficient manner can be a complex task, especially for developers not well-versed in cloud infrastructure and DevOps.

  3. Service Availability: Ensuring high availability of the ZKP functions can be challenging, especially during peak times or in case of unexpected demand spikes.

  4. Development Tools: There is a lack of comprehensive development tools, such as SDKs, tailored for building and deploying ZKP applications.

  5. Proof Generation Efficiency: Generating proofs can be time-consuming and costly, impacting the performance and cost-effectiveness of the applications.

Our proposed FaaS service aims to address these problems by providing a seamless one-click deployment experience for ZKP developers.

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